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Welcome to CLOSE SHAVE, the online repository of images for Kent Waddington Photography’s ongoing photographic shave project. You are invited to witness the bizarre and sometimes exhibitionistic displays of models in the act of shaving.

View over 35 co-conspirators from Canada, United States and Europe as they lather up and scrape off their stubble.

About Close SHAVE

I have very vivid recollections of myself as a kid, sitting on the clothes hamper in the bathroom watching my Father go through the grown-up ritual of shaving. Each morning he would soak his badger-hair brush to soften the bristles before whipping the two dollops of squeezable shave cream, which he had oozed out onto his face, into a frothy white lather.

Kent Waddington
Soft cover
20 pages 10.5 x 278 cm (11" x 4") b+w
ISBN: 978-0-9694946-2-1
Printed in Canada
$12.95 CDN + Tax (GST $0.64, PST $1.04)
Shipping $5.00 CDN

Features 45 black & white images captured during shave shoots with 15 of the over 35 models who have to date participated in this project including Joanne, our first female model.

Images shot on location in Toronto, Montréal, London (UK), St. Petersburg (Florida), Regina, Combermere, and Winnipeg.

Thank you to Josh and Jasmine, Byron, Alain, Peter, JR, Joanne, Dima, Danny, Calvin, Tom, Weicker, Psi, Jonny, Maxwell, and Fred.

Shaving for Charity

Kent Waddington Photography and are pleased to support and the Villa Pardoes Charity (, a holiday resort in the Netherlands for children with life threatening diseases.

You can support this very worthwhile project by e-mailing your own high-resolution digital shaving snapshots to and your image(s) will be added to the over 500 shave images currently on the site.

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