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2010 Kent Waddington Photography Desktop Calendar
12 full-colour images housed in clear plastic case displays monthly image at 45 degree angle.
4.6" wide x 5.4" high, 45 degree

Includes index page showing all 12 images.

$17 Canadian funds
Plus taxes $2.21
Plus Shipping $5.00
Total $24.21

Kent Waddington
Soft cover
20 pages 10.5 x 278 cm (11" x 4") b+w
ISBN: 978-0-9694946-2-1
Printed in Canada
$12.95 CDN + Tax (GST $0.64, PST $1.04)
Shipping $5.00 CDN

Features 45 black & white images captured during shave shoots with 15 of the over 35 models who have to date participated in this project including Joanne, our first female model.

Images shot on location in Toronto, Montréal, London (UK), St. Petersburg (Florida), Regina, Combermere, and Winnipeg.

Thank you to Josh and Jasmine, Byron, Alain, Peter, JR, Joanne, Dima, Danny, Calvin, Tom, Weicker, Psi, Jonny, Maxwell, and Fred.

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